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Welcome to The Christie’s Journal: Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Travel Trends

Two travel trailers parked side by side in a grassy spot with a sunset and rainbow in the background

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that will ignite your wanderlust and leave you with memories to last a lifetime? Look no further than Christie’s RV, your gateway to discovering the latest trends in outdoor travel. In this edition of The Christie’s Journal, we’ll explore the top outdoor travel trends of the season, curated just for you.

Traveling Outside the Box: Explore Beyond the Ordinary

A family gathered around a fire, enjoying an RV vacation in the woods, one of the three main outdoor travel trends we're seeing this year.

Break free from the confines of traditional travel and embrace the spirit of adventure. Whether you’re seeking a solo adventure, a peaceful one, or are looking for remote destinations off the beaten path, the possibilities are endless. Take the road less traveled and discover hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Leave No Trace Behind

AI created image of a forest floor with a "please do not litter" sign settled amongst some small white flowers

Before we look into some of the biggest outdoor travel trends this year, join us in embracing the ethos of the responsible nomad. From reducing waste to supporting local communities, together we can make a positive difference in the world.

As responsible travelers, it’s essential to minimize our impact on the environment and preserve the beauty of nature for future generations. Follow these expert tips to ensure your RVing and camping adventures are eco-friendly and sustainable:

  1. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Choose biodegradable soaps and cleaners to minimize harm to the environment. Brands like the Unscented Company offer a range of environmentally friendly options that are both effective and eco-conscious.
  2. Bonfire Etiquette: Practice “Leave No Trace” principles when building fires, ensuring they leave no evidence behind. Always extinguish fires completely and check the surrounding area for stray sparks or embers.
  3. Be a Responsible Pet Owner: Keep your pets on a leash and clean up after them using responsible waste bags. BioBag Waste Bags offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags, allowing you to dispose of pet waste responsibly.
  4. Leave Your Campsite Better Than You Found It: Take the time to clean up any litter you encounter, regardless of who left it behind. By leaving your campsite cleaner than you found it, you contribute to the preservation of natural spaces for future generations.
  5. Keep Wildflowers and Plants Safe: Stick to designated trails and pathways to protect fragile ecosystems from damage. Respect the natural habitat and avoid trampling on plants or disturbing wildlife.
  6. Avoid Single-Use Plastic: Say goodbye to single-use plastic items and invest in reusable alternatives to minimize waste. Consider using a water purifier to avoid the need for single-use plastic bottles on your travels.

Off-Grid Camping: Embrace the Great Outdoors

Two fifth wheel travel trailers parked in an off-grid area

The number one travel trend we’ve seen gain major popularity the last few years is off-grid camping, and it’s not hard to see why. The freedom to go off-grid allows you to discover secluded campsites where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature. From pristine lakeshores to remote mountain hideaways, there’s no shortage of off-grid camping opportunities waiting to be explored.

The Peaceful Traveler

A mother and son sits at a picnic table while her daughter relaxes in the doorway of their RV and the dad gets a canoe ready at the dock nearby

In the pursuit of solace and revitalization, the traditional notion of destination-centric travel has evolved into a quest for communion with nature’s serenity. No longer confined by the rigid constraints of predetermined locales, individuals seek refuge in the vast embrace of the great outdoors. The essence of modern travel lies not in ticking off landmarks on a map, but in the rejuvenation found amidst untamed landscapes. Here, time slows to a tranquil rhythm, offering respite for weary souls and an opportunity for introspection. In this pursuit of peace of mind, the true destination becomes the journey itself, a passage through which we rediscover our innate connection with the natural world.

The Solitary Sightseer: Discover Hidden Gems

A woman stands leaned against her RV looking directly at the camera

Traveling solo was once synonymous with backpacking your way across the world, but more and more people are beginning to discover the joy that comes from an adventure taken all on your own. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embrace solitude as you set out on a journey of self-discovery. With tons of trailers suited specifically for solo (or couple) adventures, the options for finding your perfect home on wheels for your next solo escapades are plenty. The 2024 Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 12SK is an option we would highly recommend, offering the perfect blend of ease and comfort for the solitary sightseer seeking adventure off the beaten path.

With the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 12SK, you have the freedom to explore remote and untouched landscapes that larger vehicles can’t reach. Its lightweight design and off-road capabilities make it ideal for traversing rugged terrain and discovering secluded campsites nestled amidst nature’s splendor.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the great outdoors on your terms, with Christie’s RV providing the perfect vehicle for your solitary adventures. 

Your Exploration Awaits

Truck towing a travel trailer behind it, driving down a scenic road next to a body of water with  mountains in the distance

As you embark on your outdoor adventures, remember that Christie’s RV is here to support you every step of the way. From expert advice to top-of-the-line RVs and camping gear, we’re your trusted partner in outdoor exploration. So pack your bags, hit the open road, and let the adventure begin!


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