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At Christie’s RV, our customers come first. We aim to treat our customers with kindness, integrity, and believe that providing you with the best possible experience is the key to succeeding as a business.

We greatly value receiving your feedback, and we are always looking for ways to improve your overall experience. We encourage anyone who visits our dealership to leave a review of their experience.

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At Christie’s we believe the best way to share your experience with us is on Google, this way anyone searching for reputable RV dealerships in Ontario can see how we stack up. It is quite easy to leave a review of Christie’s RV, in fact it only takes two steps as outlined below.

Step 1

Go to google.ca and search “Christie’s RV,” and you should see the page as shown in the image below. When you see this page on the right hand side you will see our dealership information. As you scroll down you will eventually see a button within that information that says “Write a review” click this button.

Step 2

Once you click the “Write a review” button as described in step 1 you will see a popup appear, as shown in the image below. This will only occur if you are currently logged into your Google account. If you are not logged in a popup will appear asking you to login, once you login you will be redirected back to the review popup. Please leave us a star rating and any comments you may have in this review box and then click post.

Thank You for your Review! It’s that easy! We always appreciate hearing what you have to say.

Sharing your experience helps us to improve in all areas of our business. It also gives future customers an idea about what to expect when they visit our showroom. 
Thank you for sharing your feedback of Christie’s RV! 

Christie’s RV Dealer Google Reviews

Over the years, we have received excellent feedback on how to best serve you.
Take a look at a few of the reviews our customers have shared with us.

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