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The Advantages of Buying an RV from a Dealer

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Hello, and welcome to Christie’s RV of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario! We are proud to serve the Northern Ontario region for all of their trailer and recreational vehicle needs. As a long-standing dealer, we completely understand the stress that some people put themselves through when buying an RV or buying a used RV, but we’re doing all we can to help you realize, that there doesn’t need to be any stress involved and that this should really be an enjoyable time of your life! After all, you’re looking to buy yourself freedom on wheels. First, we are going to let you in on the RV dealers biggest secret *this isn’t rocket science!* We are here to debunk the myth that buying an RV is a tricky process with shady dealings or nefarious characters!

Especially if this is your first foray into purchasing an RV, welcome! And for the experienced campers and Christie’s RV’s existing customers, welcome back! This is an exciting world and we’re incredibly happy you are considering us for your next RV purchase. Today’s blog post is aiming to provide you with information on the advantages of buying your RV from a dealership.

This is really one of the primary factors you should be considering for your next purchase, and let us tell you, the advantages really are many, just some of the examples we plan to tell you about are as follows:

Variety (Brand, New, Used)
Pre-delivery inspection on site
Finance options
Value-Added Features
Favourable Manufacturer Incentives
Mobile Service
Extended warranties available

Buying from an RV dealer gives you numerous options for both make and model.

Especially for those newer to the outdoor scene, your points of reference for RV brands and models might only extend to a relative or neighbour, and while we aren’t discounting their advice, we also don’t play favourites! If you come to Christie’s RV to take a look around our lot or peruse the dealer catalogs with our associates, our aim is to get you set up with the best RV for you and your needs, not what your neighbour who has only used the same brand of trailers his while life suggests. There is so much variety available, you’d be amiss if you didn’t take time to consider all of your options. Christie’s RV carries a wide range of both Jayco and Starcraft RVs, including tent trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. In addition, we carry a whole host of other brands on our pre-owned lot too. If you’d thought about buying privately, then you aren’t going to have this selection, many of our customers come with one trailer in mind, and leave with something different after they see the world of possibility right here at Christie’s RV.

Instead of wasting a day looking around the internet for RVs that might be what you’re looking for, trying every possible search phrase – ‘RV for sale Ontario’, or ‘Used RV for sale Ontario’, instead, why not search ‘RV Dealers near me’? You’ll more than likely find Christie’s RV, we keep our online inventory refreshed regularly, so you’ll be seeing the latest stock. After which, take a drive to our Sault Ste. Marie lot to take a look in person at all of the fantastic used and new RVs we have for sale.

Pre-Delivery Inspection
Before driving off into the sunset with any used or new RV, you must ensure that a thorough pre-delivery inspection has been conducted. This is, of course, the distinct advantage of buying an RV from a dealership like Christie’s RV; we have a full-service department in house and we make sure that any RV you buy from us, whether used or new, undergoes a rigorous set of checks to ensure quality and safety before we let you hitch up and drive away. Bear in mind a used RV bought from a complete stranger could be an absolute minefield of problems; structural, mechanical, or electrical, many of these could present hidden issues that you may not notice until it’s too late. If you buy an RV from Christie’s RV, you’ll have the assurance that it has undergone our strict PDI, or Pre Delivery Inspection.

Another distinct advantage of a dealership purchase is of course RV trade-ins. If you are looking to upgrade your current rig, considering a dealer like Christie’s RV for your next trailer is going to provide you with the easiest option of all to offload your old unit – the trade in. If you choose to go it alone, you will often face the possibility of advertising fees, and having the RV sit for sale, cluttering your driveway and delaying your dream of an upgraded trailer! Not to mention the payment scams that can arise during a private sale.

Get an appraisal on your current USED RV – RV Trade-in Appraisal Form.

Making It Perfect
Especially true when looking for a used RV Ontario, you might find something close to what you’re looking for, but not quite there. When buying a used RV from a dealer such as Christie’s, you will find a range of available aftermarket and OEM parts and accessories, helping you to make your ‘new to you’ RV, just so! After all, you’re going to be calling this your home away from home, it would be a crying shame to have an RV that isn’t the trailer of your dreams!

Finance Options
Finance options can be a stumbling block if you are considering buying an RV anywhere except for a dealership. Private sales especially are looking for cash buyers, as the seller is often skeptical of even taking a check. This can all be problematic if you are looking at larger, more valuable units. This is another distinct advantage of Ontario RV dealers like Christie’s; we have an on-site finance manager who has many years of experience in financing recreational vehicles. We have direct links to Canada’s major banks, which means we are in the very best position to aggressively pursue the lowest interest rates going. You will have options such as secure fixed-rate loans, fixed rate term loans, and extremely competitive variable rate loans, plus we have the option to amortize loans for as long as 15 to 20 years, something the guy from Kijiji definitely can’t hook you up with! Not only that, but it’s simply much more convenient to finance with your dealer, for reasons like:

  • One-stop shopping (no need to see an RV then run to the bank to get prices before coming back)
  • Pre-approved financing via our website – This will ensure you know your spending power before you start shopping
  • A range of rates from competing banks – no need to shop around and waste your day
  • Click here to get RV Financing in Ontario

Value-Added Features
When buying an RV, any RV, of course, the intention is to go camping. If you choose to go ahead and purchase from an RV dealer in Ontario, you may get lucky enough to get some camping days to throw in for free. Some dealers, such as Christie’s RV, have special arrangements in place with some beautiful campsites, and this means that they can offer you complimentary days at said sites with the purchase of an RV. This is a great opportunity to get to know your new RV before trekking too far away from home.

Favourable Manufacturer and Dealer Incentives
RV Dealers can often provide manufacturer incentives that private sellers and RV trade shows simply can’t offer! – whatever you choose, that’s money in your pocket that wouldn’t be there if you bought privately or from an RV trade show.

  • RV Care Network Perks
    Money saving isn’t the only perk you’ll get when buying an RV from a dealer; buy an RV from Christie’s RV and you’ll be invited to a whole world of benefits. Christie’s RV is a proud member of the RV Care network, a community of over 70 of Canada’s finest independent RV dealers. So, what does this mean to you? By purchasing from an RV Care dealer, you’ll get:

    • 6 Step Service Plan assistance at any one of the in-network dealers, no matter where in Canada you are if you encounter any issues on the road
    • Assistance even in the United States in case of issues when traveling south of the border thanks to the RV Care Network’s partnership with the Priority RV Network – giving you even further peace of mind and an additional 125 locations
    • Personalized invites to National Sales Events and other RV Care promotions, as well as savings on parts, accessories, finance and even insurance
    • Access to RV Traveler’s Choice: a range of parts and accessories exclusively developed for RV care member dealers. As RV specialists and enthusiasts, RV Care dealers know exactly when discerning owners want, and by developing a line of high-quality parts and accessories tailored to your actual needs, they can offer the very best! What’s more, is that this line of products comes with a nationwide 30-day money back guarantee – and in fact, it’s the only brand in the business to offer such a guarantee!
    • An app for your smartphone that enables you to get easy GPS directions to any RV Care Dealership in the country, or any of the Priority RV Network dealers across the USA. The app will also keep you up to date on the latest events that the network has to offer and it will provide information both online and offline, about the nearest RV Care Centres, including contact details
  • Fair Market Value vs. Recouping the Seller’s Costs
    If you’re buying a used RV, you are far more likely to get a better value by going with a dealer, such as Christie’s RV. This may sound counter-intuitive, but bear in mind, RV dealerships use market-based pricing that factors NADA book value, condition, as well as comparable RVs currently available on the market to establish the true value. If you purchase a used RV from a private party, they’ll be asking whatever they ‘think’ it’s worth. Worst case scenario, they may still owe more on the RV than the current fair market price, and they will more than likely dramatically overvalue it in order to recoup their loss. Above all else, remember that used RVs bought from a private party are always ‘sold as seen’, so buyer beware, you will have very little recourse in the event that someone has sold you a lemon! If you purchase from an RV dealer, you know they aren’t going anywhere, leaving you with the peace of mind that something will be done in the event of any issues.
  • Dealer Aftercare
    After buying an RV from a reputable dealer, you’ll have an important asset on your side that those who buy from private parties definitely won’t; dealer support! Yes, when buying an RV from Christie’s RV, you’re going to get the full support of not just our sales team, but also the fully trained and certified service team too. They will guide you through setting up service appointments, they’ll walk you through your choices of aftermarket upgrades and accessories that will actually work with your RV. Best of all, you’ll have established a relationship with a group of people who care as much about RVs as you do! Whenever you bring it back for a service, the service team will know its history, and this will absolutely help you to keep it running for many, many years to come!
  • Mobile Service
    Mobile service is another feature that some dealers offer. With the purchase of an RV from a dealer, many will offer free mobile service within the local area. So, if you should find yourself at a local campground and you are having issues with your RV, give your participating dealer a call, and certified RV technicians will make their way to you! They will get you up and running in no time. This just so happens to be something that Christie’s RV offer to their customers.

Extended Warranty
Unlike with a private party purchase, buying an RV from a dealer offers you the opportunity to protect your investment for years to come with the purchase of an extended warranty on both new and used RVs. For example, Christie’s RV offers a range of products and plans ranging from 1 to 7 years. Not only are standard warranties available, but coverage against food spoilage, lodging, towing and more are available! Look for this in a dealer, it show’s they truly understand what RV enthusiasts need from their protection policies. If you bring the RV back to Christie’s for the repair, they’ll even cut the deductible in half! These extended plans really take the worry out of putting miles on your RV, and you’ll sleep soundly knowing that while you’re covered, we will pick up the cost of the repairs, with only a small deductible out of your pocket. Christies RV’s warranties are valid in Canada and the USA, leaving you free to explore the four corners of North America.

Here at Christie’s RV, we really have a passion for anything and everything to do with RVs, we don’t just sell trailers, we sell dreams, we sell memories. Our core values are trust, teamwork, quality, and success, and by remaining honest with our customers, and by selling the right RVs at a fair price, we feel as though we’re on the right track. We strongly believe in retaining customers for life, even for generations! That’s why we’d rather get you an unbelievable deal on that dream RV, so you’ll remember us next time you’re in the market for a new or used RV.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on the top reasons to purchase your next RV from a dealership, the reasons are many, and we could go on and on! But we think that the next logical step is for you to come on down to beautiful Sault Ste. Marie and take a look around our well-stocked lot. You’ll meet our famously friendly team who will gladly show you around our units for sale. So, until we see you again, we wish you happy camping!

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