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Construction Standards

All New Office Trailer Construction Follows the A277-08 Standard

Our mobile office trailers are designed to withstand Canada’s extreme climates and are constructed using durable, high-quality material that meet Canadian building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes.

Each of our office trailers are built according to the A277-08 Construction Standards.

Those standards include:

  • 2×6 Walls c/w vapour barrier
  • R-22 Insulation
  • Truss Roof System Rated for 60#/sq. Ft.
  • R-49 Insulation c/w vapour barrier
  • 2×8 Floor with ¾ plywood
  • R-30 Insulation

Our mobile office trailers feature:

  • Large 4×3 thermopane vinyl slider windows
  • Steel exterior doors c/w steel Jambs
  • 45 Mil. EPDM Rubber Roofs
  • One piece “raised coin” vinyl flooring
  • 8ft. Ceiling height

Our mobile office trailers meet all expectations and are certified by the Standards Council of Canada to serve you best.

When your business needs temporary office space, our mobile office trailers are the perfect solution. We lease and sell mobile office trailers all across Ontario at very competitive pricing.

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