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5 Tips To Offset The Cost Of RV Ownership

Offset The Cost Of RV Ownership

Owning an RV can be an incredible investment for those who love to travel and explore the great outdoors. But the cost of ownership can sometimes be a concern. Fortunately, there are several ways to offset the cost of RV ownership. This article will explore five great options: listing your RV on platforms like Airbnb or RVezy, avoiding campground fees by becoming a Harvest Hosts member or camping on Crown Land, and preventative RV maintenance.

Offset The Cost Of RV Ownership By Renting Out Your RV

1. List your RV on Airbnb

Airbnb is a popular platform for renting out spaces, and RVs are no exception! If you have a nice place to park your RV, listing it on Airbnb can be a great way to earn extra income when you’re not using it. With Airbnb, you have control over the rental price and the dates your RV is available. You can also choose who you rent your RV to and set your own rules.

When listing your RV on Airbnb, provide high-quality photos of it and write a detailed description of its amenities and features. If the parking location is particularly attractive or has the possibility of activities, be sure to also include good photos of the location and list the advantages (i.e. “next to a beautiful fishing stream,” or “five minutes from public boat launch”). You should also set clear expectations for your renters, including any rules or restrictions they need to follow. And don’t forget to mention any special features your RV has, such as a remarkably large kitchen, a sunroof, or a rooftop deck.

2. List your RV on RVezy

RVezy is a platform specifically designed for renting out RVs. It offers several advantages over Airbnb, including lower fees and a more focused audience. The biggest perk: your RV doesn’t have to be stationary! You can have renters come pick it up and drive away in it, or offer delivery options, if that suits you. RVezy also offers a range of services to help you manage your rental, such as handling payments and managing the rental process from start to finish.

When listing your RV on RVezy, you should provide detailed information about it, including its make and model, amenities, and special features. You should also include high-quality photos of your RV and set clear expectations for your renters.

Offset The Cost Of RV Ownership By Saving On Campground Fees

3. Become a Harvest Hosts member

Harvest Hosts is a membership-based platform that connects RV owners with wineries, farms, and other unique locations where they can park their RVs overnight for free. In exchange for the free parking, RV owners are encouraged to spend money at the host location, whether that be buying wine, fresh produce, or other items.

Getting a Harvest Hosts membership can be a great way to offset the cost of RV ownership while also experiencing unique and memorable travel experiences. Membership only costs $99 USD per year, giving you access to over 4000 hosts across Canada and the United States! It’s easy to sign up. As long as your RV is self-contained, you’re good to go.

4. Camp on crown land to avoid campground fees

In Canada, crown land is provincially regulated and refers to land owned by the government and available for public use. Camping on crown land is legal in most parts of Canada, and it can be a great way to save money on campground fees. While there are usually no amenities, such as water or electrical hookups, camping on crown land can be a great option for those who want to experience Canadian wilderness and save money at the same time.

To camp on Canadian crown land, you will often need to obtain a permit. These permits are usually available for a small fee and can be obtained from the local government office or online. You should also make sure to follow Leave No Trace principles and respect the natural environment while camping.

Offset The Cost Of RV Ownership With Preventative Maintenance

5. Maintain your RV & save in the long term

While it may seem counterintuitive, spending on preventative maintenance can actually save you money in the long run. Regular maintenance can help you catch problems early before they become major issues, which can save you a lot of money on repairs. It can also help keep your RV running efficiently, which can save you money on fuel costs.

To reduce the cost of ownership in the long term with preventative maintenance, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. This may include regular oil changes, tire rotations, seasonal service, and other routine maintenance tasks. You should also perform regular inspections of your RV’s systems, including the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, to catch any problems early.

In conclusion, there are several options for offsetting the cost of RV ownership. Renting your RV on Airbnb or RVezy is a great way to make money with your RV. Avoiding campground fees by becoming a Harvest Hosts member or camping on crown land is a smart way to enjoy your RV at a lower overall cost. In either case, staying on top of maintenance is a good practice… think of it as protecting your investment! By taking advantage of these strategies, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of RV ownership while also keeping costs under control.

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