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Starcraft Launch Ultra Lite - Starcraft RV Dealers Ontario

Starcraft Launch Ultra Lite

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Welcome back to Christie’s RV blog, everyone! We’re proudly based in the wonderful town of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We’ve been in business for a long time now, and over that time we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes an RV great, and part of this is knowing the best brands and manufacturers to align ourselves with. Christie’s RV is happy to be authorized Starcraft RV dealers; Starcraft Trailers is a brand that brings luxury to campers at an unbeatable price point, and we are only too happy to recommend them to anybody looking for RVs for sale in Ontario.

Today we’re focusing on one of Starcraft RVs most popular models, the Starcraft Launch Outfitter. It is a lightweight travel trailer with a lot to offer. This is a model with mass appeal, there are 7-floor plans to choose from, with a range of different sleeping arrangements and living area layouts. So, without further ado – the 2019 Starcraft RV Launch Outfitter.

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Starcraft RV understands that many campers truly appreciate the value of a functional kitchen, and they have delivered once again with the 2019 Launch Outfitter. The Starcraft Launch boasts impressive countertop space for prepping meals, a vital tool in any chef’s arsenal. In addition to this, you’re going to get a double bowl sink with a residential high rise faucet, that not only looks good but also facilitates easy filling of pans and other water containers. By providing numerous electrical outlets in the kitchen space, the Starcraft Launch makes it easy to prepare more complicated meals, especially when additional tools like blenders are necessary; even when you’re not cooking, the power sources spaced conveniently around the countertop give you somewhere to plug in your toaster and coffee machine too. Starcraft RV also applied their experience in trailer engineering to squeeze in a storage space where other manufacturers might not even have thought of! Your 2019 Launch Outfitter boasts:

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  • Three full-extension ball bearing guide drawers
  • Under-sink storage cupboard with built-in shelf
  • High-level storage above the hood
  • A large pantry

As far as actual cooking appliances go, you’re in for a treat. You’ll benefit from the 2019 Starcraft Launch Outfitter’s 3 burner cooktop with residential-style metal cover, a sizeable oven, and for quick meals and reheating, there’s a microwave. This model has also been equipped with a large fridge freezer which has dual power (electric/propane) and features an automatic switch over. All appliances are finished in attractive and durable stainless steel, which lends a great look and a real residential feel.


Living Area

Let’s face it, nobody goes on any kind of vacation with the intention of being uncomfortable, and if you are considering a luxurious travel trailer like the 2019 Starcraft Launch Outfitter, it’s clear that you’re looking for something special.

The living area of the Starcraft RV Launch Outfitter is packed with amenities designed to make your camping experience amazing. After a long day of doing whatever it is you love doing, you’re going to find this haven awaiting you! We’d like to begin by showcasing the plush sofa arrangement; this model can be equipped with a super slide jackknife sofa – it’s such a dynamic piece of furniture that can be set up as:

  • A traditional long sofa
  • Theater-style seating with comfortable armrest and built-in cup holders

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The couch also gives you more storage options, too. Underneath the sofa you’ll find ample room, helping you to keep your living area clutter-free. When bedtime rolls around, the sofa also converts into a bed.

If you’re a movie lover, sports fan, or just like keeping up with current affairs, this travel trailer has you covered. The launch outfitter comes with convenient TV mounting guides, allowing you to install your TV on the wall safely. It’s also wired for sound, too – connect the provided AV cables and your TV will be hooked up to the pre-installed multimedia center, which includes a DVD player and speakers.

Obviously, in confined quarters like in an RV, storage is at a premium, and Starcraft RV has done their best to find opportunities for cubbies, shelves, and drawers wherever possible. The living room of the Launch Outfitter adds to this with cubbies both above and below the TV.

The living area is always going to be your travel trailer’s gathering spot, and the Launch Outfitter gives you several spots to enjoy family time – in addition to the comfortable couch, there’s also a spacious U shaped dinette. This area can fit four adults with ease and offers a great place to enjoy a morning coffee, share a meal, read a book, or whatever else it is you enjoy. For additional berths, the dinette also converts into a bed large enough for two adults.

There are large windows surrounding the living area, too – great for soaking up the beautiful views at your destination, and for letting in swathes of natural light.


Bunk Room

If you opt for a bunkhouse model, then you’re going to gain 4 extra berths. The bunks are rated to a capacity of 300 pounds, making them suitable for most adults. They are all equipped with comfortable mattresses and gives you an opportunity to bring friends and family along for the journey. One great feature of the Launch Outfitter is the fact that the bunks feature built-in ladders. It might seem a small thing, but not all manufacturers think to include this thoughtful touch.

The bunkhouse also features an additional dinette; this makes a great spot for the kids to have their own space to play games and leave the adults in peace! The dinette features its own electrical outlets, too – great for charging tablets, phones, and laptops.

To make sure that the bunkhouse stays tidy, there’s tons of storage in there too. Both bunks have their own cubbies, there are large storage areas underneath the bunks, you get a wardrobe for hanging longer items and there’s also a tall dresser. The dresser is topped off by a shelf large enough for a TV, which is handy as there are pre-drilled holes for the cables, helping to keep things organized.

Keeping things bright, the bunkhouse gets a large window, which actually also doubles as an emergency exit too, so you’ll sleep well at night knowing that your kids are safe in there.



Comfortable bathrooms and Travel Trailers are some words not usually associated with each other, but this sentiment doesn’t apply to the 2019 Starcraft RV Launch Outfitter. The master bath has 2 entrances and exits and is designed with maximum space in mind. The toilet features a convenient foot flush, which is a far more hygienic approach than a traditional handle flush.

The bathroom features a large sink with a handy storage area underneath. Above the sink, you’re getting an electrical outlet, perfect for charging shavers or electric toothbrushes.

The Launch Outfitter’s shower is easily able to accommodate taller campers, the skylight certainly helps with this, and those up to around 6’2” should have no problems enjoying this facility. The shower also features a sliding glass door – it boasts an innovative draining system that forces shower runoff to drain back into the basin, rather than drip out on to the floor.


Master Bedroom

One of the stands out features of the 2019 Starcraft RV Launch Outfitter has to be the beautiful master bedroom. It is thoughtfully designed and laid out, and really makes the overall experience a little more opulent.

Space benefits from a queen bed, with a plush, residential mattress, and continuing with the theme of clever design, it gets a large under bed storage area.

On either side of the bed, you’ll find a convenient nightstand, which makes great locations for cell phones or alarm clocks. For charging your devices, or perhaps even powering a CPAP, there are electrical outlets by each of the nightstands, too.

In addition to the nightstands, there are wardrobes on either side of the bed, too. These make a great spot to hang up larger items, or things that you’d prefer not to fold in a drawer. Connecting the wardrobes is a large shelf that spans the width of the bed.


Outside Features

As exciting as the interior amenities are in the 2019 Starcraft Launch, there’s a wealth of functional features on the outside, too! Upfront you get a power tongue jack for easy hookup and disconnect from your tow vehicle. This tongue jack also features LED lighting, making it easy to get set up, even in dark conditions.

Mounted right on the A-frame are your twin 30 lb propane tanks. Most manufacturers only supply 20-pound units, but Starcraft RV equipped the larger cylinders to enable campers to spend longer at their destinations. Behind the propane tanks, but at the very front of the trailer, the Launch Outfitter is equipped with diamond plate coating for protecting the front cap from rocks and other debris kicked up by your tow vehicle.

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Now, has anybody noticed a theme running when it comes to storage? Well, it doesn’t stop inside. Outside you’re going to get true pass-through storage with equal-sized hatches on both sides and innovative magnetic latches, so no more fiddling about with hooks!

If you’re looking to go green, the Starcraft RV Launch Outfitter might be the very travel trailer for you. On the outside, you’ll find a plug and play solar prep. All that’s left to do is buy your solar panels and hook them up.

This year’s Launch Outfitter model comes with a power awning, equipped with LED lights and speakers that direct sound down toward you, rather than out into the campsite, this is great for busier locations where you might be concerned about being a nuisance to other campers. Not only are the speakers strategically positioned on the awning, but the awning itself can be angled especially to help direct rain runoff, helping to maximize enjoyment in all weather conditions.

Starcraft RV has given the Launch Outfitter a great outdoor kitchen, too with a cooktop, refrigerator, and external power outlet. There’s also a quick connect gas outlet too, so if you’d rather cook with a gas grill than on the cooktop, then you’ve got that option too, without having to lug around extra propane tanks.

You’ll also benefit from aluminum rims, they not only look great, but they are longer lasting than the more commonly found steel rims, which have a tendency to buckle, and even rust. There’s also a spare wheel and tire mounted on the rear of the trailer. Also on the back of the trailer, and new for 2019, there’s a fixed ladder for easy and safe access to the roof, whether for cleaning or maintenance.

Your trailer interfaces are all conveniently located at the back of the unit, including black water and sewerage, freshwater, and electricity.



Starcraft RV proudly offers a 3-year limited structural warranty, as well as 1 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. These guarantees go to prove that they are a brand that stands behind their products. The Launch Outfitter benefits from sturdy construction techniques like the Magnum Roof System, and this assures you a quality product that will see you through many happy seasons of camping. The 2019 Launch Outfitter also benefits from an enclosed and insulated underbelly, too. This can help with pest control during the offseason and can extend the useable time of your trailer into the colder months as this feature helps to prevent pipes and tanks from freezing.

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We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this guide to the 2019 Starcraft RV Launch Outfitter. There is so much to tell you about with this trailer that we could write a thesis! But rather than go to those lengths, we’d like to extend to you an invitation to come and see this great RV in person at our Sault Ste. Marie a lot. Our friendly team will show you all of the features of this innovative new RV, and answer any and all of your questions. If you’re looking for a lightweight RV for sale Ontario, you really need to consider this model. Our aim is to help you drive away with the Starcraft trailer of your dreams. If we don’t have what you’re looking for on the lot, our team can help you order one directly from the factory. We like to make things as simple as possible, so for honest, friendly service, call ahead or drop into Christie’s RV today, we look forward to meeting newcomers, and saying welcome back to our regulars!





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