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Which Industries Can Benefit from Mobile Office Trailers - Christie's RV

Which Industries Can Benefit from Office Trailers?

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Hello all, and welcome to Christies RV, based in beautiful Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, we are ideally positioned to assist with your RV and mobile office trailer needs, and we can service most of the Ontario regions. If you’ve been considering a mobile office trailer for your business needs, and you’re still on the fence, we can absolutely help with your decision. We have put together a list of industries that can benefit from the use of a portable office trailer in the hopes that you can see how you’d benefit too.


The Construction Industry

Those in the construction industry are probably the primary purchasers of office trailers, or in their case, construction site trailers. Of course, due to the relatively short term nature of their tenure in one particular site, it makes sense to have an office that can move. Whether it’s for a break room, site management offices, or sales space, an office trailer can definitely help your business.


The Healthcare Industry

Mobile offices and office trailers are ideally suited to the healthcare industry. They can be incredibly modular and customizable, which allows for many applications; think blood donation center, mobile mammography, community medicine, the sky truly is the limit! By using a mobile office trailer for your healthcare industry related needs, you can even take these services to rural and underserved communities, providing vital facilities to those who need them most.


The Real Estate Industry

If you’re in the real estate industry, especially in new build homes, you’ll know how important it is to have a place to take clients to show them the various finishing options they have available to them. As new build lots are so fast-paced, it’s important to be able to move the office close to where the current plots are, and when the development is all sold, you’re going to want to move it to the next site; to that end, a mobile office trailer is absolutely ideal.


The Entertainment Industry

If you’re in the entertainment industry, whether that’s film, television, radio, or anything else, a mobile office trailer can absolutely benefit you! Because they can be air-conditioned, mobile office trailers have an advantage over shipping containers in that they can be used as a dressing and changing facilities, a green room, or even as costumes and prop storage facility.

If you’re planning an event, an office trailer can also be set up as a ticket booth, or even as a first aid facility.


The Education Industry

In education, there’s sometimes a need to take things out on the road, and by using a mobile office you could be setting up libraries, workshops and classrooms almost anywhere you want! Much like in healthcare, you could be taking entire libraries to rural communities, bringing education to those who need it most, and providing essential services to neglected communities.

At Christies RV we have a variety of office trailers for sale in Ontario! We provide both sales and service, so our relationship goes far beyond simply selling trailers! If you’re looking for a mobile construction trailer or office trailer then we can definitely help you get into the perfect unit for your business.

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