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Getting The Correct Size Mobile Office Trailer in Ontario, Canada - Christie's RV

Getting The Correct Size Mobile Office Trailer in Ontario, Canada

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Christie’s RV of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario are known far and wide as a top dealer of travel trailers, fifth wheels and other RVs, but did you know that they are also suppliers of mobile office trailer solutions (aka portable office trailers) for businesses both large and small? That’s right, if you’re in the market for expanding your business operations, then why not consider a mobile office from Christie’s RV?!

If you’re just setting up shop, or perhaps this is your first experience with a mobile office trailer solution, you may find the choices overwhelming, Christie’s RV aim to help you overcome this with a handy guide to choosing the right size mobile office. By choosing the right size for your business needs you’ll maximize your efficiency.

First and foremost, it’s helpful to break down some of the terminology and look at some of the typical sizes available in the world of mobile offices.

Whilst this style of office is inherently customizable, they do tend to arrive in pre determined sizes such as:

  • 8’ x 20’ Mobile Office Trailer (160 square feet)
  • 10’ x 30’ Mobile Office Trailer  (300 square feet)
  • 10’ x 40’ Mobile Office Trailer  (400 square feet)
  • 12’ x 50’ Mobile Office Trailer  (600 square feet)
  • 12’ x 60’  Mobile Office Trailer (720 square feet)
  • 14’ x 64’  Mobile Office Trailer (896 square feet)
  • 24’ x 60’ Mobile Office Trailer  (1440 square feet)

The easiest suggestion is to go with a rule of thumb based upon how many people are going to be occupying the office itself. You should aim to provide between 100 and 150 square feet per person in order to provide a comfortable work environment. For an easy guide, look at the above list and divide the square footage by 10 or 15 depending on your preference.

Mobile offices come in either single, double or triple wide. Single being =<14’ wide, double is 24’ wide, and triple is 42’ wide. Single wide mobile offices are generally available up to 800 square feet, anything over that and you’re in the territory of double and triple wide.

Additional considerations to make involve the number of offices you plan to accommodate. When setting up in a mobile office you’re able to decide if you want open concept, or whether you’d like to have individual offices. For up to 8 persons and 1 to 2 offices within the unit, you can make use of a single wide, up to 800 square feet. If your operation requires more individual offices, then a double or triple wide over 800 square feet would be your best option. When considering the largest of the mobile offices (14’ x 64’ to 24’ x 64’) you’ll open up even more customization opportunities, including customer waiting areas, break rooms, simple kitchen areas and more; so if you’re truly thinking big for your organization, then definitely consider the possibilities beyond just desk space!

If you’re thinking of starting small to begin with and expanding with your business, then perhaps the mobile office trailer is the very thing for you; these trailers are modular, meaning that if you need to upgrade, just go ahead and add another unit, the possibilities are almost endless.

When choosing a size, you should also consider your storage needs, whether that will be simple office supplies, or expensive job site tools, again, anything is possible with a mobile office trailer.

Christie’s RV of Sault Ste. Marie are fully equipped to assist you with your mobile office trailer needs. If you’re looking for a new or used mobile office trailer for sale in Ontario, we have you covered! Our friendly sales team are standing by to help you set up the ideal portable office trailer here in Ontario! Whether you’re looking to rent, lease, finance, or pay cash, we have options to suit all, and the knowledgeable professionals here at Christie’s RV can’t wait to help. Getting set up with a mobile office trailer in Ontario will help you to add a professional touch to your small business, and help with office productivity on any job site. Call ahead and set up an appointment with one of the team, or just stop by, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

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