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Four Steps To Afford The RV Lifestyle - Christie's RV

Four Steps To Afford The RV Lifestyle

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Perhaps you plan on living in an RV full-time or you’re intrigued in the occasional getaway, there are many ways for you to afford one so that your RV dream can start sooner than later.

Maybe you’re hesitating buying an RV because of the “m” word – money. You might think your dream is just out of reach, BUT you’d be surprised just how tangible your dream really is.

First step to finding what you can afford: Do research, prepare finances, and above all, be realistic.

According to Michelle from the finance and lifestyle blog “Making Sense of Cents”, there are four main components that go into affording the RV lifestyle.

  1. Set an RV budget
  2. Creating a monthly travel budget
  3. Finding ways to save money while on the road
  4. Earning money on the road

Be realistic about your RV budget.

When it comes to different types of RVS, there are many options, starting with choosing between motorized or towable trailers. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, folding camping trailers or truck campers are great for hitching up and going if you already own a suitable tow vehicle (pickup truck or SUV).  If you’d rather not tow or move your RV frequently, there are park models and bungalows. Prices can vary greatly, which makes it a good idea to analyze the various options to see what is best for your budget. Ask our sales’ team for more information on what suits your ideal lifestyle.

Create a monthly travel budget.

Creating a budget doesn’t end with the RV purchase. Think about what you spend each month on everything at home.

Some fixed expenses you will want to calculate include how much you will spend on:

  • RV payment (if you have one)
  • Entertainment
  • Food – groceries and restaurants
  • Gas or diesel
  • Propane
  • Laundry
  • Campground fees
  • Internet
  • Health insurance
  • Clothing
  • Phone
  • Household items such as toilet paper, soap, etc.
  • RV insurance
  • RV maintenance and repairs

Find ways to save.

  • Choose campgrounds and RV parks that only have amenities you plan to take advantage of during your stay. Generally, the more services and amenities a campground has, the more expensive it is. Provincial parks are a great low-cost option, as are many RV parks.
  • Cut down significant costs traveling at posted speeds cuts down on fuel consumption.
  • Limit your impulse or unbudgeted purchases. Before buying any extra gadgets and “stuff,” it’s wise to think whether or not an item is really needed.
  • Meal prep and shop local farmers markets for fresh in-season options, try new foods, and share meal preparation with campground neighbours. Being your own chef means healthier eating because you control the ingredients as well!

Earn money on the road.

Seasonal and part-time jobs are available at campgrounds, national parks, online, remotely through your full-time job, and so on.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Money can be a daunting subject, but you shouldn’t limit your dreams because you feel the finances pulling you back. There are endless possibilities and a bottomless back-pocket of opportunities to get you started on your RV adventure.

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