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Starcraft RV Autumn Ridge Outfitter - Starcraft Trailers Ontario

The Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter

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Christie’s RV is proud to be the number one destination in Ontario for all things RV. The range of products, trailers and fifth wheels available at Christies RV is simply staggering, and included in that selection are the latest and greatest from the renowned trailer manufacturer Starcraft. Starcraft has a simple ethos, “Camping, pure and simple”, they build quality trailers that allow customers to seek adventure without being held back. They have a history of phenomenal craftsmanship, and always ensure that only cutting edge technology finds its way into their trailers.

Today we will be focusing on one of Starcraft’s most popular models, the Autumn Ridge Outfitter. Falling into the compact travel trailer category, the Autumn Ridge Outfitter manages to jam a huge amount of features and amenities into a not so huge package. Starcraft’s Autumn Ridge RV makes life on the road so easy, you might even consider doing it full time.

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Christie’s RV, your RV Dealer near Sudbury always want you to be completely at ease with any new or used RV, and our range reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction; Starcraft RV offers one of the leading warranties of any trailer on the market today. They offer:

  • A 3 year structural warranty on all trailers
  • A 1-year limited manufacturers warranty
  • A 15-year roof membrane warranty

As a company, Starcraft RV has made a commitment to sustainability and to the protection of the environment; and it makes perfect sense – campers choose this lifestyle because of a love of nature, and Starcraft is doing their part to ensure that it is preserved for generations of RV enthusiasts to come. They call it the Starcraft Ecoadvantage, and it begins with a focus on the use of renewable materials and continues with an environmentally friendly design. For example, every Autumn Ridge Outfitter benefits from pre-preparation for solar panels. Not only will solar energy help you to do your part for environmental protection, but it will also save you money in the long run as you reduce the amount of fuel you need to buy to power your trailer.

Another great new feature for 2019 is the enclosed and insulated underbelly, this makes the Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter a solid choice for a 4 season camper if you’re looking to travel year-round.

starcraft trailers ontarioStarcraft trailers are able to put so much faith in their Autumn Ridge RV partly because of the intensive testing protocol every unit goes through, and partly because they feature the now legendary, Magnum Truss Roof System. This construction technique increases the strength by over 50% when compared to other leading RV manufacturer’s equivalent models. The Autumn Ridge Outfitter has been made as sturdy as possible with the use of seven-inch header beams; thanks to this attention to detail, you can expect a roof load capacity of more than 4500 lb, which makes it fully walkable. The roof also benefits from a PVC roof membrane, this keeps water where it belongs (outside!), and is fully backed up by an incredible 15-year warranty.

The construction benefits don’t stop with just the roof system, the Autumn Ridge Outfitter also benefits from durable 5/8” decking for the main floor, combined with a main floor moisture barrier material to combat mold and mildew. Taller campers will have a more comfortable time thanks to the standard 81-inch interior height, too. Some of the most common failure points of any RV are the cabinets, but thanks to the pocket screwed Lumbercore cabinet construction that Starcraft has used in the Autumn Ridge Outfitter, you’ll be enjoying yours worry free!

We briefly mentioned the inclusion of the latest tech as a standard before, but we wanted to really highlight some of these features, as they are more and more so becoming “must-haves’ rather than ‘nice to have’. In your Autumn Ridge RV, you’re going to get amenities like wireless rear camera prep for easy backing up, as well as an electronics command center; the command center is your central hub in your RV and it controls everything from audio volume to lights and more. If movies and music are your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that the Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter also comes from the factory with a stereo system, and a DVD system – so when the weather’s not the best, you and the family can unwind with a Hollywood blockbuster! Audio quality is top-notch thanks to the flush-mounted 6 ½ inch speakers both inside and out. The outdoor speakers are redesigned for 2019 and are now mounted on the top of the awning frame, which means that when you’re playing your music and your awning is rigged, the sound is directed right at your campsite, and not pointing out towards other campers, which could cause a nuisance.

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Those who love to cook will surely be impressed by the stunning kitchen setup in the Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter. Available slide outs provide ample space for even the most demanding cooks and chefs, and the copious countertop space and kitchen island make food prep an absolute joy. The island itself features a double sink, and the residential-style faucet adds a real touch of class. You’d be hard-pressed not to love everything about this kitchen – especially when you find out about the stainless steel appliances and hardwood cabinets! You’ll be cooking up a storm with the Autumn Ridge RV’s 3 burner gas cooktop, and with the 17-inch oven, there’s room for cooking for even large groups. In addition to the stovetop and large oven, the kitchen features a large microwave. To help keep your home away from home smelling fresh no matter what’s on the menu, it comes with a range hood and exhaust fan. In the unlikely event of leftover food, you’ll have no problem storing it for later in your 6 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator.

If cooking outdoors is your jam, but you don’t feel like hauling a grill around, then you should definitely opt for one of the floor plans featuring the outdoor kitchen. This handy set up includes a refrigerator, a sink, and a 2 ring burner cooktop. There is a small prep space, and a convenient power outlet there, too. If you do choose to bring a grill along, then you’ll be able to set it up super easily with the propane quick connect valve located right next to the valve for the built-in outdoor stove.

Starcraft RV has ensured that the dining area is just as enjoyable as the kitchen area itself; the available slide out dinette provides the perfect retreat for enjoying the meals you’ve lovingly prepared while freeing up valuable floor space. The dinettes are available in a face to face setup or a U shape booth style, so no matter your preference, there’s an Autumn Ridge RV for you.

RVs get a bad rap for bathroom comfort, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The Autumn Ridge RV is available with residential showers, and even bathtubs, making this the perfect unit for a family getaway.

Singles, couples and families alike will love coming home to the beautiful and inviting living space. With available residential-style sofas, you’ll enjoy a movie (or an afternoon nap) in supreme comfort. If you’ve chosen to take advantage of the satellite TV hookup, then you’ll be able to enjoy live TV from the comfort of your RV, too – so now there’s no need to worry about missing that big game! If the scenic vistas around you are more your speed than the TV, then take in the views from your extra-large picture window instead. To help keep your interior cool and comfortable, the Autumn Ridge Outfitter is equipped with tinted safety glass windows. Not only do they help with the resistance against temperature rise inside, but they also add an extra element of privacy, making it more difficult to see from the outside in. Speaking of temperature, this RV is also available with a 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit; this upgrade is almost universally considered to be the best value option for any RV, the unit is more powerful and therefore doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature down, meaning you’ll spend far less running it.


When the night comes and it’s time to turn in, you’ll be glad you chose the Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter over any other travel trailer on the market. The front bedroom boasts a residential queen bed with a plush mattress and closed off closets for discreet and convenient storage, keeping the room clutter-free. Further enhancing your storage capabilities, the queen bed actually hides another storage compartment right underneath it. The master bedroom features nightstands on either side of the bed, giving you an ideal spot to place phones, alarm clocks, books, and magazines, etc.

Certain floor plans are even available with triple queen beds, so if you’ve frequently got a lot of travel partners, this is something for you to investigate. If bunk beds are more appropriate for your travel guests, opt for one of the floor plans with double over double bunks, with a 600 lb max rating, they are able to comfortably accommodate most campers. If you’re looking for the absolute max number of berths, this RV also has the ability to convert the dinette booth into additional sleeping quarters – with sleeping arrangements for up to 10, the Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter really does have it all!

Outside, Starcraft RV gave the Autumn Ridge more top amenities. The front end of the trailer is protected by black diamond plating, this deflects road debris and defends the front of your RV from damage. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather, rain or shine thanks to the as standard power awning – this feature is going to give you shade or shelter, maximizing your opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. Under your awning, you’ll find a bright, LED light strip that cleverly remains exposed no matter whether your awning is fully or partially deployed.

If you’ve brought pets along on the trip, you’re going to love the available outdoor shower – great for getting muddy pups washed down before letting them back inside. Same goes for bikes, or any other sporting equipment, the outdoor shower is great for giving it a washdown before putting it away.

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While we’re talking about putting gear away – the Autumn Ridge also features cavernous pass-through storage, it’s perfect for hauling everything you don’t want to bring inside. The pass-through storage features an innovative magnet latch system, it holds up the door without any additional hooks or clips, which further removes future failure points, adding real, simple reliability to your trailer. You’re also going to find LED lighting in the storage area, which really helps if you’re getting back to the trailer late, or you end up setting up camp in the dark for any reason.

Upfront, on the A-frame, the 2019 model benefits from twin 30 lb gas cylinders, this provides a huge capacity and really lets you extend those trips, especially if you love heading out to the boondocks, and getting away from it all. The tanks are protected by a standard cover that easily comes on and off with just a couple of clips.

If you plan to venture off the beaten track, why not consider one of the amazing outdoors themed optional extra packages? You’re going to find off-road tires for improved traction and resistance to punctures, and even increased ground clearance, which is going to keep the underside of your Autumn Ridge RV safe from damage caused by other road hazards. The tires are filled with nitrogen, a feature generally only found on luxury RVs; nitrogen doesn’t bleed through the tire rubber-like compressed air does, and nitrogen also has a greater resistance to changes in temperature, so a sudden cold snap isn’t going to leave your tires underinflated. One of the standout features of the Autumn Ridge Outfitter is the fact that it comes as standard with a spare tire, while many other manufacturers cut corners with simple repair kits.

The real beauty of the Autumn Ridge Outfitter is the variety of layouts and floor plans available. You can choose from a larger dual axel model, or if you’re looking for something lighter, you can opt for the single axel unit. Between the two, there are a total of 14-floor plans, each with different features perfectly suited to a need. There are options of multiple slide outs, different kitchen and living space arrangements, whatever you need, you’ll find it with the Starcraft Autumn Ridge from your Sudbury RV Dealers, Christies RV.

Most campers are looking to make their lives easier in any possible way – Starcraft definitely have this in mind, and that’s why they’ve equipped the Autumn ridge with a power tongue jack. It makes the hookup and disconnects from the towing vehicle as simple as pushing a button.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this in-depth review of the Starcraft RV Autumn Ridge Outfitter. Christie’s RV is proud to be your Starcraft RV dealer near Sudbury, and we are just as proud to be official retailers of Starcraft trailers. If you’re a Christie’s RV regular, you know that this is the home of the price guarantee – we will not be undersold, so, if you’re looking for a great deal on an Autumn Ridge RV, come and see us right away! Our fantastic team can give you a tour of the units we have on the lot, and if they aren’t quite the right model for you, they’ll happily take you through the process of ordering a custom trailer from the Starcraft  RV factory. No matter whether this is your first or your fifth RV, our goal is to ensure your happiness – we strive to make sure our customers drive away with the perfect RV for creating a lifetime of memories with their families. Call ahead or just drop into the lot any time walk-ins are always welcome! Thanks for joining us – we hope to see you soon!





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