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Mobile Office Trailers for Sale

When you run out of space, purchasing a mobile office trailer offers a cost effective option compared to major renovation projects. Our office trailers can be setup to be permanent structures and can be completely customized to suit all your requirements.

Our mobile office trailers are designed to withstand Canada’s extreme climates and are constructed using durable, high-quality material that meet Canadian building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes.

Contact Christie’s RV for more information on purchasing an office trailer in Ontario or build a mobile office trailer quote online.

Benefits of purchasing a mobile office trailer:

  • cheaper than constructing a permanent structure
  • fully customizable to meet your exact needs
  • freedom to move unit to another location
  • cost certainty
  • quick to setup and easy to maintain

All of our mobile office trailers are available to purchase:

The purchase prices listed here are for NEW model units. We also have used mobile offices for sale. Contact Christie’s RV for current inventory and availability.


All of our office trailers are now being manufactured to the A277-08 construction standard. This new standard mandates vapour barrier and enhanced insulation (R30 floors, R22 walls, and R49 in the roof) which is double the previous values.

Our office trailers continue to come equipped with large vinyl thermopane sliding windows, steel entrance doors c/w steel jambs and one piece “raised coin” vinyl flooring.

This new standard results in a much stronger build and includes a 60lbs/sqft snow load capacity.

10 x 20 Mobile Office Trailer

PURCHASE from $37,900

 Leasing Info Trailer Details

10 x 32 Mobile Office Trailer

PURCHASE from $53,900

 Leasing Info Trailer Details

10 x 32 Mobile Office Trailer Icon Image

10 x 46 Mobile Office Trailer

PURCHASE from $67,800

 Leasing Info Trailer Details

10x46 Mobile Office Trailer Icon Image

8 x 14 Washroom Trailer

PURCHASE from $48,900

 Leasing Info Trailer Details

8 x 14 Washroom Trailer Icon Image

10 x 32 Washroom Trailer

PURCHASE from $120,500

 Leasing Info Trailer Details

10 x 32 Washroom Trailer Icon Image

20 x 46 Office Complex

PURCHASE from $135,600

 Leasing Info Trailer Details

20 x 46 Office Complex Icon Image

For more information about purchasing options or to find out how we can help with your Mobile Office Trailer requirements, please call:

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