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How to Cozy Up your RV

Dog laying on white couch inside a beautifully decorated RV

There’s a reason RVing is called the good life! You get to enjoy the beauty and adventure of nature while having the amenities and convenience of home. Whether you go on short trips or live in your RV full-time,  your RV is brand new or used, you certainly want your RV to feel cozy and comfortable. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to express your style!

Here are some simple tips for how to cozy up your RV.

1. Lighting

Cozy RV interior with candles and plants

Lighting is the simplest way to create ambience. This applies to both indoors and out. Your RV comes with standard lighting, however adding decorative string lights, lanterns, lamps, candles or electric candles will provide a warm, cozy feeling. There’s nothing quite like lighting up a few candles for a romantic diner, or turning on your favourite string lights for a movie night in. Pro tip – go for warm lights instead of pure white, to get that soft glow. 

For the exterior of your RV, we recommend a string of patio lanterns. These come in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit your tastes, and will provide ambiance and needed lighting for spending time relaxing outdoors in the evening. After all, spending time in nature is what it’s all about!

2. Terrific Textures

A cozy looking RV kitchen decorated with different textures in natural hues

Adding texture to your RV is all about fabrics. Think about layering with throws, pillows, and window dressings. This adds warmth and is a big plus for cozy! Using curtains to break up living spaces is also a great way to layer in some texture and add privacy.  You can take it a little further by re-upholstering chairs and benches. Consider changing your throws and pillows seasonally for a little change and don’t forget the opportunity to do so in a big way for your favourite Holidays and occasions.

Don’t forget to look down. A beautiful area rug or runners will do wonders for the look and feel of your RV. With so many colours, sizes, and materials to choose from, they’re a fantastic way to play with even more texture. 

For your outdoor space, a large carpet with some lawn furniture will instantly beautify that premium extension to your RV. Don’t skimp there because you will take full advantage of that space if it’s inviting!

3. Plants

RV kitchen decorated with plants


Another simple way to make your RV as inviting as possible is sprinkling a little nature throughout. Plants add life, can supply nourishment, and some even have health benefits like removing toxins from the air too! You can choose species based on your needs. Looking for plants that are easy to take care of, try one of these. Want to add a delightful scent to your space, go with an aromatic plant. Love the taste of fresh basil… you get the point. Just remember, if you’re travelling with a furry friend be sure to choose plants that are non-toxic to animals

Not into plants?  Bouquets of cut flowers that you can change out weekly is a great way to mix it up or perhaps succulents to provide that Zen vibe with little effort. And last, but not at all least, there are truly beautiful dried or fake flowers and plants you can beautify your home on wheels with. 

3. Wall Decor

RV bedroom with cute wall decorating

From painting and wallpaper to artwork and mirrors… 

When considering painting your RV interior, don’t only look at the living room. Think about all the rooms and even your cabinets. Using complementary colours can really spruce up the space and bring a true sense of home to your RV. Wallpaper is also a beautiful way to cozy up a space and adds so much character to even the smallest room! Consider the ceiling as well. It’s also a blank canvas waiting for your stylish touch.

Artwork allows you to display your particular taste. This is no different in your RV but you’ll have to select items proportionately to the space, which most likely means smaller pieces. Art decor can also be items like plates, woven pieces, hats, and almost anything that you like or find interesting to the eye. So, don’t hold back and feel free to play! 

Mirrors can open up a space, making your RV interior feel bigger. They can be larger, taking up most of a wall, or you can play around with various smaller framed mirrors like an art display. 

Lastly, a great way to display items is to add floating shelves with a rail or edge along the front to secure the items. You can then add small plants, picture frames, artwork, mirrors and other small decorative objects.

4. Lovely Scent

Essential oil diffuser with vines wrapped around it on a white table

Don’t you love it when you walk into a home and it smells amazing? Your RV can also always have that nice, welcoming scent, and there are tons of options for accomplishing this.  

If you have already decided on fresh-cut flowers in your RV every week, you most likely have this covered. A great tip is to add aromatic greens to your flowers to increase the longevity of the aroma. However, if you’re looking for something that will last a little longer (and you don’t have to keep alive)there are an array of diffusers, candles, sprays, and scents to choose from. 

As the seasons change your aromas can too! Think apples and pumpkin spice for fall. Pine trees and cinnamon in the winter. Florals and fresh linen is perfect for spring, and the warmth of vanilla never fails to delight. Remember to consider your pets (especially when using diffusers, sprays and candles) as some scents are toxic to animals

We hope you’ve found these ideas, tips and recommendations useful. Now that you’re ready to decorate your RV, it’s time to find the perfect RV to decorate. Be sure to stop by Christie’s RV and let our professionals help you get all set up in the home on wheels of your dreams. 

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