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Do you have financing available?

At Christie’s Camper Sales Ltd., we have a trained professional for such questions with over a decade of experience helping customers with their financial needs and concerns. Edward B. Evoy has taken on the task of arranging financing for most of our clientele. He is an off-site representative for most banks and financial institutions. He strives to obtain the most competitive terms and conditions for every client. The repayment terms on new and used units can range up to fifteen years and in a few cases, up to 20 years

How long are the manufacturer warranties?

An RV is made up of a number of different components that carry a variety of different guarantees. Some components carry a lifetime guarantee and some have only ninety days. If you are not careful with some dealers, you will only hear about the few things that carry lifetime or 12 year warranties. With the products that we carry, the manufacturer will look after you, through Jayco or Home & Park for example, for the first two years. After that you have to deal with an extended service provider or the individual component manufacturer. In most cases, that covers the component itself, but not the cost of freight or labour to change it. Because of these varied and complicated claims procedures, it best you deal with a reputable dealer like Christies Camper Sales.

Why are some brands easier to get serviced then others?

Some manufacturers actually pay the dealer ‘up front’ for future service. What this means to you is that any servicing you need to get done after you have purchased your RV comes out of the dealer reserves. Thus reducing the dealer profits. It also means that while the dealer is working on your coach, he can’t be working on a customer’s coach who is willing to pay him for his time. There are other manufacturers who discount the work that is being done, also making it difficult for the dealer to choose who to look after – a customer who is willing to pay the going rate or one that will only pay the discounted rate. At Christie’s, we only deal with manufacturers that have the best warranties and pay for work as it gets done on a case-by-case basis.

Do you work on just the brands that you sell?

In simple terms No. We’ll do repairs and maintenance on all brands because of the length of time we’ve sold trailers in this market place. The number of service appointments we have available to work on other brands is limited. But we will gladly service any unit whether you purchased it from us or not. Many dealers don’t repair any units other than those that they have sold. We will however make every effort to do breakdown repairs to travelers passing through the area. Because we have such a great selection of parts and accessories, we can handle most RV needs. Sometimes there will be delays to get manufacturer-specific parts and this will delay repairs – but we’ll always do our best to get you on back on the road!

Why are your phones so busy?

Because of the concentrated use of RV’s in our area during six months of the year, we have found it difficult to find enough qualified staff during some of the peak periods. We are only too happy to assist you as quickly as possible. If you were to drop us an email with your Name, Address, City and phone number, we will be more than happy to answer your inquiry in a timely fashion. We will not, however, allow a person who has taken the time to drive to our location be put in second place to a phone inquiry. Your email inquiry does however allow us to respond during slower periods and after-hours when many of us play catch-up.

How can I hear more about some of your maintenance seminars?

One of the easiest ways would be to join our ever-growing email customer list which we use to send out notices of upcoming seminars on timely topics such as Spring Maintenance, Fall Winterizing, Travel Planning and, reconditioning your unit to make it ready for Resale.

Who can attend one of your seminars?

We will gladly host any active or prospective RV owner at any one of our seminars. There is never a problem to have you attend.

Should I sell my own unit or trade it in?

There are many variables here, first there is a tax savings when trading if you are from Ontario. You need only to pay HST on the difference in price. In order to sell anything you have to market the unit, advertise it, contact prospective buyers, have prospective buyers contact you, make the unit ready to be shown (i.e. cleanup, catch up on overdue maintenance, spend time showing prospective buyers your unit, etc). You should possibly be prepared to take a trade from someone who wishes to own your unit. Make sure any liens on your unit are paid out. Make sure the ownership changes properly so there is no liability back to you. Make sure there are no liens on a trade. Make sure you get proper payment from the new owner and possibly help arrange financing. Seven out of ten buyers need assistance with this. Make sure you give the new owner proper orientation. Provide a possible guarantee to the new owner. If you would like to do all of these things then you should sell it. If any of these things seem difficult or daunting, then trading in your RV might be right for you.

When is the best time to trade RV's? Can I wait until next year?

This is a common question. Let’s just take a couple of minutes to discuss why timing is everything when it comes to trading in an RV. One must sit back and look at the issue as if they were in the market to purchase a used RV. If you had a choice between an 8-year-old model and an 11-year-old model you would probably pick the newer one. For one, the unit may not have been used as much as the older unit. You may even think about less wear-and-tear on the newer model. Or maybe you just don’t want anything “that old”. These are all thoughts that will at sometime go through an individual’s mind when comparing units. It’s fairly obvious that the newer model would in most cases sell much quicker. So why wait until your unit loses value through time. Trading in sooner allows dealers to pay more value dollars to you, for newer trade-ins, and address the largest market of used RV buyers. One thing that is very important and most people may not know, is how the banking industry looks and classifies used units for both value and financing. A unit that is 8 years old will qualify for what the bank calls “new unit rates”. Whereas the unit that is 11 years old would not. Therefore, a shorter term and higher rate of interest is more likely on an older unit.

Here is an example…
8 year old unit sells for $10,000.00 Possible payment $151.67 per month. 11 year old unit sells for $8,000.00 Possible payment $241.26 per month.

It may not look right, but the fact is, you will pay a higher monthly payment on an older unit. The bank(s) allow us (the dealer) as purchasers to pay over a longer period of time on newer purchases.

This makes payments lower and more attractive to most if not all buyers. So, you can see that trading your unit in sooner rather than later has more pro’s than cons – not only for the next purchaser, but for you as well.

If I'm a US resident, what do I have to do to bring a RV unit home?

You need to provide us with an authorization to attend the SEC of SATE on your behalf. With this document, we will look after paying all of the proper Michigan taxes and register any liens on Title. When you arrive to pickup your new or pre-owned RV unit, all registrations and titling will be complete. All you need to do is complete your customer orientation and you can start camping.

What is a Customer Orientation?

A customer orientation is when we take you and any co-users on a detailed instruction of how to use your RV unit. We cover things like proper use of electrical, plumbing, unit set up, the hitch system and an overview of your warranty and extended service contract.

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