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Fabric Protection

diamond-kote-logoDiamond·Kote R.V. – Fabric Protection

Invisible protection that penetrates deep into every fiber

Why protect your new RV’s Fabric Interior?

You spend more time in your RV than ever before. It is inevitable that at some point someone will soil your RV’s fabric carpet or seats. It’s a part of life and a significant detractor from your RV’s resale value. We make sure that no spill becomes a permanent stain on your RV’s interior fabric. Diamond·Kote Fabric Protection penetrates deep into the fabric, forming an invisible shield around each and every fiber. This protective coating inhibits the penetration of frustrating spills such as coffee, tea, milk and soda – without affecting the fabric’s natural texture.


Drink Spills – Food Stains – Mud – Ultraviolet Rays – Pets – Traffic

Spills & stains are unavoidable. They lead to the premature aging of your RV, reducing its resale value.

Diamond·Kote Fabric Protection is non-toxic and “CFC” free providing years of worry free “safe” protection for RV fabric interiors. Because the protective ingredients bond to each individual fiber rather than a simple “surface” coating, the protective strength is total and the fabric is allowed to breathe and move naturally. Diamond·Kote Fabric Protection is backed by a fully insured warranty policy. Keep your RV’s interior looking new…longer.

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